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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kitchen Kolors


I purchased this exact trivet below at a craft fair, back in the 60's, and it has been in daily use since that time, which gives a lot of credit as to its durability.  However I never cared for the center the large center space and the center hole.
I believe at one time there was a written version of the original trivet in Crochet World Magazine, but I have so many books and it has been so many years, I doubt I would chance to find it now. So I cannot provide a source for the pattern of this old trivet.    
Over the years I have tweaked and modified the structure of  the pattern and it  changed / developed.  So what you will find here is my reworked version of the pattern. 
There are other similar patterns on the internet, however I like my pattern better.  It takes less yarn and fewer rows, but still provides an impressive trivet.
I make several variations of this pattern all are posted on this blog.


An excellent tutorial for the Popcorn stitch can be found here
Regular                                                         Popcorn                                                          Spoke